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Juliette's Story

Juliette is a French student who came to Dublin to complete a Masters in Translation at Dublin City University.

She found a home away from home with her host Helen. More than just a host, they quickly became friends and this extra support helped Juliette to make the most of her stay in Dublin. She met new friends and even joined a Gaelic football team!

Most impressively, Juliette then found a job and decided to stay in Dublin, permanently.

We are so happy for Juliette and proud that her journey started with Hosting Power.

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Sonakshi's Story

Sonakshi, a pharmacy student from India, traveled for the first time alone to complete an internship at Trinity College Dublin.

She tells us her experience living in Ireland with her hosts, from dinners and barbeques to celebrating the new job of another guest.

Together with her host she walked the famous Bray cliff walk; visited the Giant's Causeway and Belfast and even got some private swimming lessons!

But above all else, Sonakshi is grateful for their conversations. As she says, "Fiona was eager to learn about Indian culture as much as I was to learn about the Irish one."

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Diana's Story

Diana is a 24 year old student from Brazil, attending the Atlantic Language School which is located in the city centre of Dublin.

Before moving to Ireland she was worried about having to share her room with other people, as this is so often the case in Dublin.

She knew she needed to have her own private room to feel safe. That's why she was so relieved when she found the perfect accommodation!

Diana is really happy with her host family too, and staying in Ireland during Covid-19 made her appreciate having that extra support even more!

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Rosemary's Story

Rosemary is a student from New Zealand who spent 7 months interning at Trinity College Dublin.

In this video, she tells us about her experience being in Dublin for the first time discovering Irish culture.

Rosemary really enjoyed her stay in Ireland and even managed to learn a bit of the Gaelic language!

An unforgettable experience, especially as her visit took place during lockdown due to Covid-19.

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Yuna's Story

Yuna is a French student in a biology and health engineering school who completed an internship in Dublin in Teagasc which provides research advisory to the agriculture and food industry.

Yuna had a wonderful experience living in multicultural and dynamic Dublin; and she enjoyed visiting places around Ireland like Connemara, Galway or the Guinness Lake.

Yuna is grateful to her host Sarah who was so helpful, even before she arrived to Ireland, as they started to communicate via email and Facebook immediately.

Her host picked her up at the airport and this was the beginning of a wonderful story.

Sarah really made her feel at home and Yuna got everything a student away from family and friends needed, while keeping the freedom she wanted.

They visited Temple Bar on her first weekend and often enjoyed eating dinner together while watching movies.

Living with with her host also helped Yuna to improve her English a lot, which was a great advantage to her in school.

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Kevin's Story

Kevin is a Malaysian student studying medicine at the famous Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) located in the city centre of Dublin.

It's not easy to find accommodation when you are an international student who just arrived in Dublin, so during his first semester Kevin ended up paying a lot of money for a room that wasn't suitable for his needs.

For his next semester, Kevin decided to book a room via Hosting Power, recommended to him by his College, and he says that it was the best choice he ever made since coming to Ireland.

In this video, Kevin praises the hospitality and care of his hosts. He also mentioned how he really appreciated that everything is included in the rent; so he doesn't need to worry about paying extra and can focus on his studies and exams.

Kevin has recommended Hosting Power to many of his friends, including one who he said is absolutely loving the experience too and another one who booked his stay for his next semester.

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Mark's Story

Mark is a student from County Clare who just graduated with a Degree in Law and Accounting at the University of Limerick.

A crucial part of securing employment in his field is to secure internships after graduating; and Mark has been offered one in Dublin.

As he needed to move from Limerick to the capital, Mark explained he secured his accommodation in Dublin in only half an hour via Hosting Power!

He is really happy with his room; and Grace his host gives him his privacy but they also have really nice chats together. Most importantly, the affordable rent works well for his internship salary.

He enjoys the location of the house that he describes as a really nice urban area. It allows him for easy transports into work, and also other places such as shopping centres or supermarkets.

Mark recommends to anyone who, just like him, has just finished college and is looking for a place to stay to get their foot in the door in terms of employment, to use Hosting Power.

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Diana's Story

Diana is a 24 year-old graduate student from Portugal who spent 5 months in Ireland interning at the European Parliament Liaison Office in Dublin.

Diana shares her experience of her quest to find accommodation in Ireland, facing unsuitable offers, overpriced rooms, and even scams.

Fortunately, everything ended up very well for Diana who really enjoyed her stay in Ireland.

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