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From: Diana (student at Dublin City University)

I had a really good time in Dublin especially due to the fact I have been very lucky with my hosts.

As you may know Dublin's prices are high especially for students and the choice is limited. Furthermore, searching for an accommodation from abroad can be risky.

So hosting power was a good opportunity for me to cut expenses and to have an approved and clean place. I would not hesitate to use the website again.

From: Ashley (student at University College Dublin)


My experience with Hosting Power was professional and stress free. I would recommend it to anyone searching for housing in Dublin.

From: Marija (intern at Google)


I spent several weeks trying to find a room for three months in Dublin, but it turned out to be much more complicated that it seemed to be. Finally I found Hosting Power website and made a booking request. The chosen room wasn't available for the required time, but Hosting Power suggested me a similar option, so I booked the room within a few days with their help.

I really enjoyed staying with my host, who was very kind and helped me with practical advice about the city, transportation, shopping and so on.

From: Morgane (intern at Irish Welcome Tours)


I had a lovely experience living in Dublin with Hosting Power. After few months in County Kerry I had to find a place to stay for my 4 months internship in Stillorgan, Dublin. Looking for apartment in Dublin is way more difficult than anywhere else, in fact it's complicated when you are a young foreign student who doesn't have so much money to put in for an apartment. 

I finally used Hosting Power and I met a lovely family to live with. I had to adapt to their lives in particular with 3 children. After the first moments, I felt right in this family who cared about me like its own child. Serena the mother is an incredible woman and she helped me many times. She taught me about Irish History and we shared opinions many times together. I also had the opportunity to help the children in French for school, and the entire family were adorable with me. From the beginning until the end of my stay, the family cared about me. The real experience in Dublin was with them and I can't be more grateful for this.

From: Pascal (intern at Headhunt International)


I'm missing Dublin indeed, but that's the price you have to pay for having a good time abroad I guess.

Thanks to I easily found an accommodation for my stay in Dublin at a reasonable price. The room was very nice and I had a great host who helped me a lot to find my way around the place and gave me loads of tipps and stories about Dublin and Ireland.

Ultimately, the reason why I decided to use is that it is completely safe. I had tried to find a flat on my own first and got scammed. At least, I found out about it before I arrived in Dublin.

Booking via Hosting Power was much more comfortable then. There was no "sorry, the room is not available anymore", no haggling about the price etc. The house location was not very central, but I could easily get to the city centre by bus or Luas. Additionally, I enjoyed being close to the Dublin mountains which are always worth a trip. All in all, I can highly recommend to students looking for accommodation in Dublin.

From: Sacha (intern at University College Dublin)


I really had a great experience in Dublin and found the most incredible hosting family, that made me feel very welcome and at home. I miss them very much.

From: Jana (intern at Abbey Ireland & UK)


I have recently returned to Dublin to stay here long-term, so my experience was a very good one.

I was very happy with the service that Hosting Power provided, especially the quick responses to my queries. I have also recommended Hosting Power to other students who were looking for a room since I believe it is much easier to find a decent accommodation if you are not competing with countless other candidates. I found your team to be very efficient, kind and professional.

My hosts were very accommodating and friendly and I never had any issues with them. They helped me whenever I had a question and they provided me with all the basics that I needed like towels etc. The house was modern, bright, spacious and clean - just like in the pictures. The neighbourhood is very quiet and green. For grocery shopping, there is a Lidl within walking distance (app. 20 minutes). In retrospect I found the room to be a bit pricey, but for someone studying at DCU it might be ideal.

From: Nadezhda (intern at Bilfinger HSG)


My stay in Dublin was amazing, I was there due to my internship for a period of 6 months. First I found myself accommodation through Facebook, however my stay was not pleasant. After a while I made the decision to move out. I found your website and saw the most wonderful room in the house of the nicest lady.

At first I made 2 booking requests by mistake, and of course at first I was shocked. However I send an email explaining what happened and I communicated with a very helpful person from your team who fixed the problem. 

When I moved to my new room it was exactly as it was on the pictures. Everything was perfect, my host was amazing, I could not wish for better. Her name was Sylvia, and her home was beautiful, she made me feel welcome and we spend a lot of time together. I felt like I was staying at my grandmother's house, I was really happy with my stay and my accommodation

From: Carina (intern as Language School Teacher Assistant)


I did not regret booking a room with Hosting Power for one minute, I would recommend you to anyone! Booking a room with you guys was as easy as booking a hotel room! The whole process was quick and very easy. 

I know how difficult it is to find a place to stay in Dublin, even more so when you are trying to find accommodation while you are still in your home country. You are making things easier for a lot of people, so thank you for providing such a good and reliable service. 

I'm sure it is appreciated by a lot of students and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitating! Because of you I had a great time with the most amazing host family. I was incredibly lucky and I'm very, very grateful! Thank you so much, Hosting Power

From: Jana (intern at Word Perfect Translation)


The booking was very easy and quick. In two hours I had a response and a confirmation from the family. The website is safe and well made.

I had a nice family, they were really independant so it was like a B&B room. It was clean and really a great place where to stay, in the city center. Thanks, I will recommend your website to my friends.

From: Marilyne (intern at City Wonders)


Hosting Power really was a life saver ! The website was quick and quite easy to use. My host Sheila was really caring and she also let me be independent which was exactly what I needed during my time in Dublin. The house was lovely and located in a really sweet neighborhood of Dublin called Monkstown. Every morning when I got to work I could see the sea and the Sunset and it was really relaxing! 

When I first got there, Sheila told me how the life in the house would be organized and she showed me where I could find anything I needed. She also told me I could go to her if I had any problem. Being alone in a foreign country I still knew I could rely on someone if I had major issues. 

I do not have a bad experience with hosting power and it contributed to my Irish experience by providing me with safe and sweet home.

From: Nikolina (student a Trinity College Dublin)


In the final year of my Master's studies, I was given an opportunity to take part in 3.5 month internship at Trinity College Dublin within the Erasmus+ which is a placement program. 

Regarding accommodation in Dublin, anyone you ask will give you an honest answer: it is really difficult to find one. At the time when my hopes about finding a place to stay started to wear out, I stumbled upon on the Internet. The reason why I chose to stay with Ana was that her house was in a pleasant and quiet neighborhood  well connected with the city centre. A gym within 3-minute walking distance with sauna and swimming pool was a big plus too. 

When I arrived, I noticed that Ana's house was much bigger than it looked in the pictures, not to mention the absolutely gorgeous garden and beautiful vintage interior. Ana and I hit it off right away; she is an optimistic, kind, warm hearted, supportive and understanding person who made me feel as if I was a part of her own family. She is one of the best people I have ever met. 

Staying in Dublin brought me new experiences and friends that changed my life and broadened my horizons. Ana is responsible for this as well and I am sure it wouldn't have been the same without such a delightful person. So thank you Hosting Power for providing me with a great accommodation and making it possible to stay with the most amazing host ever!

From: Yunlong (student at National College of Ireland)


Hello! I am so satisfied with Hosting Power. This is a good website. The staff is so nice, they were so sincere in helping me. 

From: Theo (student at Dublin City University)


I really enjoy the stay here in Dublin, I had a great time with my landlord, she is friendly and helpful. Thanks! 

From: Benjamin (intern at Abbey Ireland & UK)


Actually, when I arrived in Dublin, I was so sad because I left my family and my friends so quickly, I was not really ready. Anyway, I was in Ireland for a two month internship, I did it in a small company in Dublin and thanks to my mentor, I learned a lot of things about trade ! It was very very useful.

The house where I stayed was just perfect, the family was so nice with me, I really appreciated the relation I had with my host who was very friendly with me from the first day of my trip to the last one, I felt that she was used to welcome foreign people in her house, I appreciated it!

Besides, another French student was staying in the other guest room when I arrived and we became friends very quickly, we did a lot of things in Dublin together, especially during week ends. We enjoyed to get lost in the city because we were always discovering something beautiful or interesting like buildings, museums, shops, restaurants, and pubs obviously. We had pleasure to discover the Irish culture in Dublin. 

From: Yuxiang (intern at Google)


I am very satisfied with my journey in Dublin and I am really happy about Hosting Power. The host was nice and friendly. The rent was not very expensive given its location. It's really convenient.

From: Alan (intern at HappyThreads)


As part of my Master 2 study in International Business in Paris, I had to find a 6 month internship in a marketing company. Choosing the location was up to the students, and I chose Ireland again at it is a place I can't stay away for too long (indeed, I did my 3rd college year in Cork). It is a wonderful country!

As soon as I got my internship agreement signed by my boss mid November, I started looking for an accommodation. But after weeks of research, I just realized that it was very difficult to find a shared house in Dublin, either very expensive for student, or only female allowed. 

10 days before my placement start date, I therefore contacted you in order to find a place to live and I was very nervous at that time. Nevertheless, your customer team was lovely and very professional! I got a feedback by email in the same day and only 5 days later, the place I was looking for was booked for me.

Your service is definitely great. Indeed, you have plenty of houses available and there are all certified by your team. I feel as free to move in or out as my own house, and this is very important for students. The house in which I live is great! The family is lovely and always ready to help... I don't feel homesick at all. I would definitely recommend your service in the future!

From: Colin (student at Dublin Business School)


My time in Dublin was amazing. Dublin is a beautiful city and there is a lot to do there. Renting a room with Hosting Power is a very easy way to live for a period of time in Dublin. 

First of all you can directly choose and book your room on the website. The first room I booked was not available anymore. But this was not a problem, because the Hosting Power Team gave me some alternatives where I could choose from. So I chose a room in Raheny, Dublin 5 which is 15 minutes away from the city centre with the Dart train. 

Before I went to Dublin I have written to Valerie my host, about the time and date of my arrival. In this conversation she also mentioned, that there is another student, from France, which will arrive on the same day. So she told us to get a cab, which is the best option for two people. The arrival was very easy. On the arrival date she introduced us to the family, we got our house keys and she even showed us the most important shops nearby. My room was exactly like you would expect a room at your parents house. Living with the family was no problem at all. You could easily talk with them while cooking or doing any chores or just talk with them. When I had a problem, I could ask Valerie and she would fix the problem as fast as she could. 

Leaving Dublin was as easy as the arrival. Except that I had to leave Dublin! All in all it was a very pleasant experience renting a room with Hosting Power. The team and the family always could help me, which is a big plus.

From: Valerie (host at Donaghmede, Dublin 13)


I have found Hosting Power to be a great agency for households who now have empty bedrooms in their homes. The students are well vetted and hosts are informed well in advance of arrival of student. The students are well educated university level individuals so are very mature. 
There is very little maintenance with this type of hosting as the student almost entirely looks after themselves in the home, they cook, wash, clean, shop for themselves and the Host and Student fall into a routine regarding use of utilities. 
This is also an opportunity for hosts to educate themselves on the cultures from the countries where students come from. Again it is great to have Hosting Power to turn to should there be any small problem with student etc.

From: Anette (student at Ballyfermot, Dublin 10)


Hi I’m Annette I live with my two daughters. We had two girl students staying with us on different occasions. The first girl was from Canada, she stayed with us for three months, she just settled in and was like one of the family. We still keep in touch with her. The other student has been with us since September and just settled right in, also another part of the family.

We are so lucky and happy with our students, my girls love having the girls here as they enjoy learning new things off each other because they are near the same age groups and have similar interests. I am looking forward to new students coming our way. 

From: Mary (host at Firhouse, Dublin 24)


I have only positive things to say about your service. It was our first time hosting so I was a bit apprehensive at first but your team were very helpful. We had our first student named Vitaly, he is staying for one academic year and he has been a pleasure to have around. I would certainly consider hosting again.

From: Ana (host at Cabra, Dublin 7)


It is my pleasure to give Hosting Power and its team excellent feedback. My great experience can be summarized in three ways:

1. My first meeting with the property manager, when he came to interview me as a host, examine my accommodation and photograph my home. He was extremely kind and professional and did an excellent job of photographing the accommodation and made the start of my journey with Hosting Power seamless.

2. The caliber of students that I have had are exceptional and you would be very proud of them and their behavior. They abide by the house rules and are polite, tidy, courteous and above all friendly. In fact I am still in touch with my first house guest so not only did I gain a tenant I also gained a new young friend.

3. The support from all the staff in Hosting Power is very comforting and they are always there for you if you need anything. It is obvious by the standard of the students that they are well vetted prior to them arriving in your home and that certainly gives me a great deal of security.

To conclude I am highly recommending Hosting Power and it’s staff as you get peace of mind and quality placements from them. Thanks Hosting Power for all your support and help to date.

From: Sheila (host at Drimnagh, Dublin 12)


I find hosting very good and interesting. This is my third student and it has been all good. The first two students have been in touch to let me know how there doing now, which is nice.

From: Christine (host at Santry, Dublin 9)


I have great faith in Hosting Power. I tell anyone that has a spare room about Hosting Power. Any of my students that have stayed with me has been a pleasure to have, they all study very hard and are very respectful. I first went to Hosting Power as my son went away and let out his room. I hope this helps other people to decide on letting their spare room out.

From: Maria (host at Inchicore, Dublin 8)


To be honest I haven’t a bad word to say about Hosting Power. Very friendly staff and they always keeps us busy with a number of fun, kind and friendly students that stay with us. The vetting process is amazing and it’s great to ease the minds of students before they arrive over some discussions through email around the area and Dublin in general. Great work guys keep it up.

From: Mariam (host at Merchants Quay, Dublin 8)


I am delighted to have the services of Hosting Power. It is simple and straightforward initial set up and also free for the hosting family. It does not take long before you get a student and Hosting Power offers a very flexible setting in relation of time allocated for it. I recommend Hosting Power to home owners that are thinking of hosting a student.

From: Sarah (host at Marino, Dublin 3)


Hi, I had a lovely student named Tim from the Netherlands to stay with me. He enjoyed his 5 months staying at my home.

From: Finola (host at Artane, Dublin 5)


I have been really very happy with my experience with Hosting Power, with the professional approach of the staff who facilitate the student exchange and liaise with me and I have really enjoyed hosting international students in my home. It is a system that works very well.

From: Joan (host at Dundrum, Dublin 16)


My experience working with Hosting Power has been very positive. My husband and I enjoy hosting students. Our current student is from France and he is a pleasure to have in our home. He is so courteous and polite as well as being good humoured. Unfortunately, he will be leaving us soon but we will be looking forward to hosting another student in the near future.

I find Hosting Power to be a very efficient company and I am very happy to be working with them.

From: Jackie (host at Cabinteely, Dublin 18)


I found Hosting Power very easy and efficient to deal with. The property manager called out to take photos in the morning and by 2 pm on the same day we had an enquiry who then became our student. She was really lovely and settled with us in no time.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Hosting Power.

From: Nancy (host at Beaumont, Dublin 9)


I must say any student I have had so far have been super. I love the fact that they are self sufficient and I am not tied to specific meals times. The girl I have at the moment is such a lovely person and she is very good company.

From: Yvonne (host at Clonee, Dublin 15)


I have found Hosting Power absolutely fantastic. I found them extremely professional also. The two students I had from Hosting Power were absolutely perfect. They fitted in really well with my family also. I found having foreign students in my home a huge benefit to my children. We all learned from each other. I would highly recommend Hosting Power and trust their choice of clients 100%. Many thanks!

From: Brigid (host at Ashtown, Dublin 7)


As this is my first experience at having a student I must say I am enjoying having a student. He seems to be happy in my home and I am delighted with him he is a lovely mannered young man. I hope to have him here in my home until he finishes his studies.

From: Mortimer (host at Fairhill, Cork)

I have found hosting power absolutely fantastic. I found them extremely professional. The male student I have from Hosting Power is perfect. He has fitted in with me really well. I have found that having a foreign student not only benefits him but also broadens my mind about other countries and cultures such as Portugal his home country. I am a very lucky host to have been paired with this young man who is extremely well mannered and courteous. So I would highly recommend Hosting power and trust their choice of clients.

From: Tristin (student at Dublin City University)

As someone looking for accommodation overseas, Hosting Power was the absolute best choice of service. I am very happy with my place of residence, and the service gives that much more peace of mind for those who are not able to see or visit their accommodation beforehand. I will be recommending Hosting Power in future.

From: Annemarie (student at University College Dublin)

My experience with Hostingpower has been very positive, which I honestly did not expect. I was extremely nervous about booking a room in a foreign country with a family I did not know. Now I can say it was the best decision I could have made. Not only did my host-family turn out to be welcoming, considerate, training partners to improve my English and guides when I struggled to find my way in Ireland as a foreigner, they also became my very good friends or even my Irish family. Especially during lockdown and all the emotional struggles that came with Covid-19, I really appreciate how well we got along. I definitely can recommend Hostingpower as great source for accommodation, since the process of booking was always transparent and my experience with this family so great. Annemarie

From: Leoni (student at University Dublin City)

Honestly, I had an amazing stay with my host family! It was the best decision to book my accommodation with Hostingpower. My guest family was lovely, absolutely kind and friendly. Also my room was tidy, so it was a perfect match. :-) Thank you for your support and kind regards from Germany!

From: Laura (host at Walkinstown, Dublin 12)

I joined hosting power in August 2017 and honestly, it was one of the best moves I've made. Since then I have had 2 of the most wonderful students who I can gladly say I made friends for life out of. I would be a relatively young host, so it's more common to get students near my age group studying. I do live alone so it's absolutely wonderful company and I think they help me out more than they realise. They are self sufficient students and are just so good! A joy to have in your home. My 1st student and I both sobbed at the airport when she had to return home. In addition, yes the of course the extra income is absolutely a bonus and really helps out! Hosting power have been absolutely wonderful in the background and are always so polite and accommodating. Just a wonderful service all round. So streamline! This is definitely a service I will continue long term!

   From: Mutale (host at Saggart, Dublin 24)

The stay with my guest Rebecca went well in spite of the prevailing situation with Covid-19. My guest was pleasant and easy to get on with, it suited our household that she had a daily routine so we were able to plan around use of shared facilities, namely kitchen. Rebecca was very well mannered and considerate, taking care not to cause any disturbance whilst quietly preparing for her departure to work very early each morning. She kept her room tidy and paid the rent on time. She informed me she was made to feel at home and I told her it was a pleasure to have her stay, though only for a few weeks. It was very helpful that we had the terms and guidelines you provided to make the tenancy work successfully, so the whole process was very smooth. I hope this information is helpful

From: Anne (host at Salthill, Galway)

Hosting Power have been such a pleasure to deal with. Their rules and guidelines for students have made it very easy for us all. The students have been exemplary in every way. My family and I will continue to work with Hosting Power.

From: Basuraj (student at Dublin City University)

The experience was absolutely fantastic for me. Bernadette - or 'Bernie' as she likes to call herself - is one of the most amazing, caring souls I have ever met in my life. She was a perfect person to spend the lockdown with. Her daughter and grandkids were simply engaging in exciting activities and I would highly recommend anyone to think of her when browsing through Hosting Power. Bernie made me feel at home, was a generous host, and her insights on worldly affairs were simply 'out of this world'. We had great fun playing indoor board games, cooking Irish delicacies, and a pint of Guinness here and there. The location couldn't be any better and the room was exactly what was advertised.

I would sincerely like to thank Bernie for making me feel at home - warm and comfortable. I wish her the best in her future endeavors and sincerely hope she remains the free, loving soul that I have known her to be.

From: Michelle (student at Galway Mayo Institute of Technology)

I greatly enjoyed living with Margaret in Galway. The house was lovely to live in and it was perfectly situated close to GMIT college. My room with an ensuite was a good size, clean and tidy. I had access to the kitchen and dining area.

Margaret was very pleasant and lovely to live with. She provided me with everything I needed which made my stay that bit more enjoyable. I was very happy and I would definitely recommend for anyone to stay here.