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Company Overview

Hosting Power - Ireland’s First Fair Accommodation Solution

Hosting Power Was founded in Dublin in 2014 to address the lack of affordable and comfortable accommodation available in Ireland.

At Hosting Power we believe in supplying comfortable and fairly priced housing for all, and we knew that Ireland was full of wonderful hosts willing to provide great accommodation at the right price.

Through our simple and user-friendly online system, we bring these hosts and guests together and support them every step of the way. We provide secure and affordable accommodation for guests and a steady regular income for hosts.

Noteworthy Media Mentions

Finding a room to rent in Dublin can be very stressful, especially if you are moving to Ireland from abroad and don’t know the city very well. Having to spend the first few weeks in an Air BnB can be an expensive and temporary solution.

In this very informative YouTube video, creators Proyecto Estoico give a first hand account of what it’s like to be a Hosting Power Guest and some great advice about renting a room in Dublin too.

When they first came to Dublin they were faced with the same stressful situation as most people: lack of good quality safe accommodation. That is until they found the Hosting Power accommodation site.

Watch as they share some valuable tips and information about how the booking process works and exactly how they booked a room to rent through Hosting Power in Dublin.

This video covers how to search for a room to rent, and gives some great advice on filling out your profile to increase your chances of getting picked by the host, and even how to extend a booking with Hosting Power beyond the initial period booked.
They do a great job explaining how Hosting Power services work in terms of keeping you safe and securing your private room, even if you haven’t yet arrived in Ireland.

A great watch for anyone interested in renting a room in Ireland.

The video is in Spanish, but you can easily use YouTube’s translate feature to get subtitles in any language.

In this video from the YouTube channel Bagagem a dois, the creators talk about how they used the Hosting Power accommodation website to find a studio to rent in Dublin, Ireland.

They discuss how moving abroad is often thought of as a positive thing, and there are many really positive reasons to move to Ireland. However, when it comes to moving to Ireland, there is usually one big problem - accommodation. In this video, they share how although accommodation is usually difficult to find in Ireland they were able to find exactly what they were looking for through Hosting Power.

Watch as they walk you through their experience with searching for a place to rent. They share how after doing a lot of research on what’s available in Dublin and the different accommodation agencies that exist, they found and used the Hosting Power accommodation website, and were able to find a studio to rent that suited them and their needs.

In this video, they even share a demo of the accommodation site, showing you how they used the search filters to rent a studio that was everything they were looking for. You can see how the details of each listing on our accommodation site helped them make an educated decision and choose the best option to rent a place in Dublin for them.

The video gives a great insight into how you can use the Hosting Power accommodation website to find the right place for you to rent and it covers in detail how the process of finding and booking your room with Hosting Power works.

Take a look so you can get an idea of what you will need to do to get started on your own accommodation solution in Ireland.

The video is in Portuguese, but you can easily use YouTube’s translate feature to get subtitles in any language.

Would you like to see inside one of our studios for rent in Dublin?

You can take a tour of one of our studios in this follow up video from the YouTube channel Bagagem a dois.

After booking a studio to rent on the Hosting Power accommodation website, Bagagem a dois created this very helpful video to walk you through a detailed tour of the studio they booked to rent so you can see what life is like when renting a studio in Dublin.

Watch as the creators take you through a tour of the studio they are renting in Dublin.

You can take a digital tour around this cosy, modern studio in Dublin that includes a living room area with a workstation, a TV, and a kitchen with a breakfast table too. As you will see all our kitchens come fully equipped which is handy and means they didn’t need to spend money on anything for the kitchen when they arrived. The bedroom and bathroom are around the corner, giving the studio a very spacious feel. All private, and all bills are included.

The video is in Portuguese, but you can easily use YouTube’s translate feature to get subtitles in any language.

In this video from the YouTube channel Sofia Fadden, Peruvian In Ireland, you’ll meet Natalia from Peru as she shares the entire process of moving from Lima, Peru, to Dublin Ireland.

Moving abroad can be very stressful, particularly when it comes to accommodation in Ireland. Natalia was happy that she had already secured a room to rent in Dublin with Hosting Power before she left Lima. This meant she could avoid paying a thousand euro to stay in a hostel in Dublin like her other friends, unfortunately, had to do. By securing her accommodation in Dublin with Hosting Power before she even arrived in Ireland, she was able to save money and avoid the accommodation stress!

Before ever leaving her home country, she was able to find and rent a room in Dublin and secure it for 8 months, which was the total duration of her stay in Ireland.

Watch as Natalia explains how she went about choosing a room on the Hosting Power accommodation website and how she booked a room to rent for the duration of her stay in Dublin.

The video is in Spanish, but you can easily use YouTube’s translate feature to get subtitles in any language.

Finding a room to rent in Ireland can be stressful if you are not yet in the country. That’s how Susan felt. She was moving to Dublin from Kenya for work and needed to secure accommodation. She had heard that there was an accommodation crisis in Ireland and was worried about how she would be able to find a room to rent.

Thanks to her employer, Susan got a recommendation to check our website to find affordable accommodation in a safe and secure way, even though she wasn’t yet in Ireland.

When Susan explored our website she was happy to find verified rooms that she could book and was happy to find that she could book a room before arriving in Dublin. She researched the rooms to find the ones that best matched her needs and applied for them. She was able to find a room that was ideal and worked perfectly for her dates and was in the location she wanted to live in too.

She was very happy with her choice and was able to really enjoy her stay in Dublin.

In this video Susan shares her story of how she went about searching for the right room to rent in Dublin and she also shares some wonderful details of the room she ended up renting and the host she ended up living with too.

A great video for anyone who is thinking about coming to Ireland and interested in learning about how to find the right accommodation.

Knowing where to go to find a room that not only suits your needs but that can be trusted too, can be a real problem in Ireland. It’s important to be vigilant and find secure companies that you can trust. This is why this video From Proyecto Estoico is so helpful for those looking to rent a room in Ireland

In this fantastic follow up video from the duo, the team interviews Hosting Power Guests who have booked private rooms or studios in Ireland using Hosting Power’s services. They got real, honest and raw feedback on some really helpful topics around renting.

Watch as Proyecto Estoico speaks to a number of our guests who have booked with us and asks them questions like how they found out about Hosting Power and what were their first impressions, how they booked their room and what was their overall experience booking a room with us.

They also cover in detail the process of choosing and booking your room and dive into topics around what it's like to rent a room and live with a host, from the day to day living to paying the rent and how that all works. They also discuss what kind of house rules are in place, and how long it took for them to find the room they booked.

If you are curious about booking a room through Hosting Power we think this video will really help you make up your mind.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the team at Proyecto Estoico for doing such a great job compiling the research and carrying out insightful interviews with our guests. We are delighted to hear such wonderful feedback from our guests.

The video is in Spanish, but you can easily use YouTube’s translate feature to get subtitles in any language.

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'The living room is out of bounds': Could renting your spare room pay off your mortgage?

In this article in the Irish Independent, one of our hosts, Laura Farrington is interviewed by journalist Tanya Sweeney. Laura explains that after trying other hosting options, Hosting Power was recommended to her by a friend of a friend and it proved to be exactly what she was looking for!

Since then she has been delighted to host independent students and confirms that those students are really pleased with the arrangement too!

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How to transform your home into a nice little earner

Anita Guidera talks to landlords willing to make the best use of their properties. She starts with the example of Micheal, a sheep farmer who has rented his farms in the Wicklow area to shoot countless movies and commercials! For Liam, from Dublin, it's all about renting his parking space.

Then Anita explains that renting a room to students is a popular option and she recommended Hosting Power. We couldn't agree more!

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Renting rooms – a taxing matter?

In this article from the Irish Times, journalist Fiona Reddan talks about the announcement from the Revenue Commissioners that Airbnb hosts will pay tax on the rental income.

But for hosts using Hosting Power, the rental income falls under the Rent a Room Relief scheme and so it is tax free and Fiona kindly mentioned us! Since this article was written, the earning limit of this scheme has been increased from €12000 to €14000 a year.

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The scrum is on to find student accommodation - digs anyone?

Journalist Tanya Sweeney reminds us how digs (host families) is an Irish institution and is back as a very popular accommodation option.

In this article, she interviews our host Lisa Cronin about her experience renting her spare room to students in order to finance her aspiration of a new career as a fashion designer. Lisa is delighted to work with Hosting Power and so we are!

Education In Ireland
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Study abroad: plan your move to Dublin

Powell, Trinity College Student Ambassador happily shares his tips from his experience in Ireland as an international student from India. His tips range from what to pack in your bag or which mobile network to choose.

For the accommodation, Powel recommends Hosting Power as a good option and mentions we have "very good listings and prices are affordable". We are happy to confirm that our rental prices are indexed on the Irish rental market price to ensure they are fair and affordable!

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Is Legit?

In her blog post, Ferna, a 22 year old student from the Philippines, tells us about her experience trying to find accommodation for her stay in Dublin. After some unsuccessful attempts with other websites, she felt she hit the jackpot when she found the website.

She was delighted with her booking and says that things were pretty much how she expected them to be! She mentions Hosting Power was the perfect solution for her accommodation troubles, we are delighted to receive such lovely feedback!